Website Design Concepts and Journey Maps Presented

Marketing Communications and mStoner have been hard at work with the website redesign. mStoner has presented two great design concepts, which we shared with the website redesign committee and students, among others. Their valuable feedback will guide the final design for both desktop and mobile versions.

Beyond an attractive new look, the site will incorporate unique functionality to set it apart from other university websites. We’re excited to share more about that in the future!

Other work includes journey maps for both undergraduate and graduate students. These lay out visually just what information students look for and need at each point in their college search process, from search to enrollment. Interviews with students explored each step: what they wanted to know, how they felt, what frustrated them, and what made them feel confident in their choice.

We will use these to create web content and present it in a way that ensures they have the best interactions possible at the right time in their decision making. The work will also be shared with others at the university who guide prospective students.

Speaking of content, department chairs will soon receive an online survey to help us update your program pages with the information students and their families want. Families are more discriminating than ever, seeking assurance that their college investment will launch their children to successful careers. Help us tell the story of why you’re the best choice!

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